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  • Online Surveys

    LINK Internet Panel

    LINK internet panel – online research in the largest and most representative panel in Switzerland.

    LINK internet panel – high-end online research: LINK online research in Switzerland and Germany sets itself apart with an internet panel that is 100% actively recruited by telephone. In Switzerland 115’000 panelists from all language regions are available for your online research. Since LINK strictly renounces any distorting recruitment methods (e.g. self-registration) and ensures the high-standard maintenance of its internet panel, the LINK internet panel accurately mirrors the population and gives you the surety you are making the right decision.

    The unique quality of our panel’s sample and the innovative responsive design of our questionnaires are the cornerstone for precise and meaningful results.

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    LINK Visual Bus

    Do you need fast and cost-effective survey results that you can really rely on?

    Then the LINK Visual Bus in the largest panel actively recruited by telephone in Switzerland is the perfect solution for you.

    Every week 1’000 interviews are conducted in the German- and French-speaking regions and, as a further option, another 200 interviews in Ticino in the largest and most representative panel in Switzerland.

    The unique quality of our panel’s sample and the innovative responsive design of our questionnaires guarantee precise and meaningful results.

    The LINK Visual Bus is ideal for short surveys with visual elements.

  • Mobile research

    Ask your target group for their opinion – no matter where they are. Mobile research knows no boundaries. Online surveys with mobile devices enable survey research that is spontaneous, immediate and reflects realistic behaviour and experiences.

    Immediate impressions and emotions can be surveyed directly at the point of sale or point of event. Perceptions and behaviour are reliably captured without any time delays. Respondents can also emphasise their responses with photos.

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  • CATI – Surveys

    Telephone Lab

    LINK Institut operates a total of four telephone labs for computer-aided interviews (CATI) in the three main language areas in Switzerland.
    Telephone interviews are our most important surveying method and we can even reach people who are not listed in the phone book or only have a mobile phone. LINK unceasingly continues to enhance and further develop its proprietary CATI system. A total of more than 600 LINK expertly trained interviewers work at our five locations in Lucerne, Bern, Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano.

  • Representative face-to-face surveys

    Face to Face
    Personal Interviews
    Some issues and projects can only be approached using face-to-face interviews. For instance, local surveys or studies in which the immediate impression is decisive.
    For such interviews, LINK has a highly qualified interviewing team with more than 300 interviewers throughout Switzerland. All interviewers are personally recruited and have undergone a multi-level training process, guaranteeing maximum data quality and efficient handling of your project.

  • Tablet surveys at POS or POE

    Interviewing POS customers and people on the street with tablets
    Thanks to the simplicity of apps and the reliability of tablets, we can conduct any form of survey. The collected data are transmitted live to the LINK database and are available for you as the client in our online analysis tool at all times.

    Ramona Lucia
    Leader Face-to-Face
    +41 41 367 72 01

  • Mixed mode

    Integrated digital survey systems
    Thanks to proprietary IT solutions and extensive practical experience in combining different survey systems, LINK has the supreme methodological and technical expertise necessary for conducting individual, target group-specific and topic-specific, mixed-mode surveys.

    Susanne Graf
    Deputy Head Social Research
    +41 47 497 42 24

  • Test studios

    Are you looking to identify the market potential for your new product? In our LINK test studios we test your latest developments and product optimisations under controlled conditions. We simulate purchasing situations with shelf tests and establish where your products are positioned and their displacement effect in a competitive environment.

    Find out which packaging type is the most successful, match your products exactly to your target group’s needs and identify the packaging type with the greatest market potential.

    LINK Institut offers you premium quality in controlled survey situations

    • Our interviewer team is made up of native speakers only
    • One-to-one instruction prior to each study
    • On-going support and control with on-the-spot supervisors
    • Direct quota control in the test studio
    • Our test studios are located centrally in heavily frequented pedestrian zones and are ideally equipped for all test situations with live video streaming and a shelf unit for sales simulation. We can also offer you cooking facilities on request.

      Ramona Lucia
      Leader Face-to-Face
      +41 41 367 72 01

    • Mystery shopping with trained testers

      Checking the quality of the customer experience: we find out what the customer really thinks.
      Optimising contact with the customer is pivotal in gaining new customers and retaining existing customers. The quality of interaction with existing customers as well as prospective customers needs therefore to be continually enhanced and matched to their expectations. This can only happen when the actual quality at all customer contact points – personal, on the phone, in writing, online – is objectively measured. Mystery shopping gives you the opportunity to focus on checking the customer experience at the point of sale.
      Our test buyers are recruited personally according to target-group-specific criteria and can be flexibly deployed throughout Switzerland. This way we can guarantee that our testers evaluate customer experience authentically.

      Ramona Lucia
      Leader Face-to-Face
      +41 41 367 72 01

    • LINK Real Customer Check

      Mystery check with real customers.
      The LINK Real Customer Check recruits “”real”” or prospective customers who experience the purchasing, advice or support situation with their personal identity and their own interests and needs and evaluate this experience according to a structure on which they have received training beforehand. Accordingly, (complex) scenarios are not necessary since the testers are in effect acting as themselves. The authenticity of the testers minimises being discovered and has yet another plus in that it enables a broader evaluation, e.g. in the form of an extra unstructured experience report that introduces a qualitative element into the study.

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    • LINK qualitative

      Detailed information can be found here:


    • Written surveys

      When the best way to reach your target group is by distributing written questionnaires but you don’t want any loss in quality when processing your data – then LINK Institut is your ideal partner. We take over the entire process from concept, printing, dispatch, scanning and reporting for your surveys. Our long-standing experience and guaranteed top quality in data processing enables us to process even larger-scale responses at short notice without any problems. If required, we ensure data quality with automated collection combined with personal computer-aided collection. We and our cooperation partners can offer you the solution you are looking for, especially in the financial market research sector, mobility studies and staff satisfaction surveys.

      Susanne Vontobel
      Head of Finance/Automotive
      +41 44 497 49 44

    • LINK Move

      Watch this short video to learn how the LINK Move technology works…

      or read this article we published in the magazine Planung & Analyse.

      Dr. Sonja Glaab-Seuken
      Managing Director link.one
      +41 44 367 74 69

Want to know more about LINK Move? Here you can find further informations.