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Case studies

LINK performs studies for government agencies as well as private clients. For example:

  • In 1991, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office commissioned our Institute to perform the Swiss Workforce Survey (SAKE/ESPA). In the meantime, we perform more than 140,000 interviews every year to track employment trends.
  • LINK has also been carrying out the SHAPE study for the Federal Statistics Office since 2010. Every year up to 63,000 respondents are interviewed on the topics of mobility, education, health, family and languages/religion/culture.
  • The on-going survey on passenger transportation (KEP) with annually around 20,000 interviews has been furnishing the Swiss Federal Railways with information on the mobility of the Swiss population and their satisfaction with the SBB since 1983.
  • The coverage study on press media in Switzerland (MACH Basic) provides insights into users of newspapers and magazines. Since 1991, the consortium has performed 23’500 interviews annually on behalf of WEMF AG for advertising media research.