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LINK Institute for Market and Social Research operates internationally and was founded in 1981 by Dr. Joseph Stofer and Horst Heidemeyer. LINK is a public limited company and its head office is registered in Lucerne. In 1986, it set up an office in Frankfurt and just one year later, another office in Lausanne. LINK Zurich was opened in 2000 and 2009 saw the opening of its offices in Lugano.

Our Institute is a pioneer in computer-aided telephone surveys in Europe. We were also the first in Switzerland to systematically invest from 1998 onwards in an internet panel that is 100% recruited by telephone. Today LINK focuses more and more on mobile research via smartphones and tablets as well as integrated surveys using multiple channels and methods.

Around 100 full-timers and 1,500 part-timers work for LINK and we achieve an annual turnover of approximately 30 million Swiss Francs. At present LINK has a market share of 26% in the market research survey sector in Switzerland. Our Institute is not listed on the stock market and its investors and management pursue a long-term investment strategy.

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