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Market research

Introduce assurance into your decision-making processes. From the baseline study to pricing, from brand value to customer loyalty, we deliver reliable data. Our market research goes beyond pure data collection and questions respondents from the client’s perspective. How can the business model be improved? What are the new opportunities out there and which innovations should your company focus on?
We use various types of analytical methods to carry out our market research. For instance, the Market Response Finder. This measures contact frequency, brand and advertising recall and, therefore, the effectiveness of your advertising activities, so you can see where you can get the maximum out of your marketing budget. Conjoint analyses describe how customers and consumers make decisions by weighing up the various attributes of different products and services. Statistical methods enable estimates on market potential and market share. Our EmotiCam measures facial expressions and reads emotions to give you analyses that are accurate down to the last second – useful, for example, when checking your advertising impact.

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