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Reputation /­ Brand Value

Brand & Innovation Research

Brands communicate messages and impact on the interaction with the product. The customer experience is therefore a pivotal factor in a brand’s success.

LINK Brand Interaction shifts the focus from purely measuring KPI to the interaction between the consumer and the brand. The personal brand experience is observed from various perspectives and transformed into seamless feedback. A holistic brand portrait emerges from research findings on advertising effectiveness, touch points, brand analysis and customer satisfaction that up to now have been fragmented.

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Brand Value Index Reputation Research

The key success indicator for a company is its reputation. This reputation gives insight into the brand value from different stakeholder perspectives.

The linchpin of a company or brand is its reputation. Reputation is built on both personal experiences as well as third-party opinions. LINK Institut’s Brand Value Index measures the long-term positioning of a company, a brand or a service. We measure reputation from a rating viewpoint (emotionally and cognitively) as well as intentional aspects (behaviour). Our Brand Value Index is ideal for benchmark comparisons between different stakeholder groups. By carrying out driver analysis, we can also establish which image variables sustainably reinforce a reputation.