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Pro­duct de­ve­lopment and pri­cing stra­te­gy

Brand & Innovation Research

Where are the white spaces for successful innovation?

LINK Brand Innovation provides answers to questions such as: where are the white spaces for our brand? Can the brand plausibly develop in other sectors? How high is the potential among existing stakeholders? Systematic segmentation of the current market delivers answers to such questions and generates key starting points for profitable brand and product development.

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Portfolio Optimiser / Conjoint Analysis

Which product? At which price? For which target group?

Thanks to highly valid results and a broad scientific base, conjoint analyses have become the state-of-the-art method for researching products and price.
Conjoint analyses give you the surety that you are making the right decision when it comes to optimal product design, pricing or portfolio strategy. Needs segmentation on the basis of conjoint data give you a clear picture of your (potential) customers, forming the bedrock for efficient market cultivation.
Benefit from our long-term expertise in conjoint analysis. Alongside valid results and recommendations for action, you also have an intuitive simulation tool that enables you to perform analyses and potential appraisals on your own.

Pricing research / price sensitivity analysis

The price governs success

The right pricing strategy is imperative for the success of your product. Anyone who makes his product too expensive loses market share and turnover – and anyone who sells it too cheaply loses out on profit and, in the worst-case, even damages the brand image.
LINK has a broad portfolio of methods and long-standing expertise in pricing research. We guide you in optimising your pricing strategy and help you to avoid the pitfalls in pricing psychology.

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Optimising your product range optimises your market share and profit margins

TURF Analysis shows how many variations and formats a brand needs on the shelf to attract the maximum number of purchasers with the minimum number of SKUs.”

Philipp Fessler
Head of Analytics
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