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Customer retention

Customer Satisfaction Navigator

Interactively analysing action portfolios and causal models according to sub-groups
With our Excel-based Customer Satisfaction Navigator action portfolios and causal models can be interactively analysed according to sub-groups, enabling qualitative statements from open questions to be also interactively assigned to the drivers for overall satisfaction or loyalty.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction as the key to a successful customer relationship
How (dis)satisfied are my customers? And why (not)? What actions can I undertake to boost their satisfaction as fast as possible? Thanks to implicit survey techniques and analytical methods you can find out more about your customers’ needs and their satisfaction levels. Action portfolios show you clearly where your present-day strengths and weaknesses lie (also in comparison to your competitors) and where as your top priority you need to instigate the first actions. Using the Kano model and surveying critical events, you can find out not only how you can satisfy your customers but also how you can excite them.

Impact models: Bayesian regressions

The best in impact models
We use Bayesian regressions because they have several advantages over classic methods: they deliver stable across-time results, avoid overestimation of the impact strength and provide better results for multicolinearity, since previous knowledge of the investigated associations can be integrated into the model. This makes Bayesian regressions ideal not only for ad-hoc impact models but especially for tracking studies.”

Susanne Vontobel
Head of Finance/Automotive
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