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Un­der­stan­ding Con­su­mer Be­hav­iour

Behavioural Economics: how is the consumer really wired?

Behavioural economics approaches can even “understand” irrational consumers!
We have known for a long time that many (buying) decisions are not made rationally but rather intuitively. This makes it even more important to factor this into our survey research. Trade-off approaches (conjoint, maximum difference scaling), other implicit procedures, in-the-moment and decision-place surveys or monitoring via digital data collection (instead of interviews) help us to understand and model irrational consumer decisions.

Facial Coding: LINK EmotiCam

What kind of emotions does your advertising trigger? Your customers’ facial expressions reveal these emotions truthfully and instantaneously. LINK EmotiCam measures emotional reactions directly in an online survey thanks to cutting-edge image processing technology.

Success comes to those who can arouse feelings. The emotional reaction to brand messages and advertising is moving more and more into research’s focus. LINK EmotiCam enables the immediate measurement of instantaneous emotional reactions in quantitative, representative surveys. This innovative and unique facial coding procedure combines scientifically-proven facial expression coding and automatic image processing.

True Score

How can I identify strategic response behaviour?
Respondents tend to give socially desirable or strategic answers, especially when they are asked sensitive questions or are asked to rate their purchasing intentions or willingness to pay for new products. The true score developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that we use with our university research partners is capable of identifying such response behaviour and correcting the results accordingly.

Mobile research

Ask your target group for their opinion – no matter where they are. Mobile research knows no boundaries. Online surveys with mobile devices enable survey research that is spontaneous, immediate and reflects realistic behaviour and experiences.

Immediate impressions and emotions can be surveyed directly at the point of sale or point of event. Perceptions and behaviour are reliably captured without any time delays. Respondents can also emphasise their responses with photos.

Mobile data collection with tablets at the place the consumer makes his decision.

Mobile surveys at the point of sales with tablets and apps. We research actual consumer behaviour directly and as such realistically. We have a highly experienced and large interviewing team for surveys in stores, points of sale (POS), at trade fairs and events, with people on the street, etc. Our interviewers can be deployed flexibly throughout Switzerland. We also have an overall solution for mobile digital data collection with integrated online reporting.

Philipp Fessler
Head of Analytics
+41 44 497 49 07