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Social research

As the largest social research institute in Switzerland plus 30 years expertise, we can offer you an array of benefits. LINK Institut’s long-standing, successful collaboration with numerous federal agencies, universities and public offices testifies to this and guarantees the high-quality implementation of your project.
Alongside the benefits of a broad-based full-service institute working with the complete spectrum of methods (telephone, face-to-face, web-based, written, mixed-mode) there are even more advantages to be had …

  • Comprehensive, topic-based, methodological and technical experience (proprietary research system)
  • Largest and highly trained interviewing team: experienced and specialised interviewers for social research studies
  • Four interview sites and five institute locations in Switzerland: language competence centres in all parts of the country!
Urs Aellig
Head of Social Research
+41 41 367 72 22