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Media Research


Our expertise is based on many years of experience in media research (TV, radio, print, poster, online, etc.). Our reference clients include well-known Swiss media companies, such as Tamedia, Ringier and NZZ, as well as SRF. We carry out the MACH studies (print research) on behalf of WEMF, and we are involved in online and mobile research via NET-Metrix. We are also conducting more and more exciting research projects for clients in the online field, such as jobs.ch and local.ch.

This enables us to address your questions optimally in consultation with you and select a suitable methodology (online, telephone or written). We guarantee a high level of data quality and provide you with practical recommendations. Our focus is on individual solutions for our clients rather than rigid predefined research products. Request a quotation from us for your current questions at: media[at]link.ch

Our solutions for your media channel
Continuing research on television, radio, print and Internet offers, individually customised to the questions that interest you.

Our competent project managers are pleased to support you with regard to reader / listener / viewer / user surveys to complement, explain and deepen the classic reach data.

For TV stations and their marketers, for example, we conduct studies on the popularity of TV programmes and presenters. Programme concepts are monitored and differences in the image of various stations in a family of stations can be validated.

To be able to continuously adapt the radio programme to the music preferences of the listener, we ask respondent to evaluate short extracts from music tracks played via telephone and/or online sound check studies.

There are also many options for website operators, such as news portals, online shops or search services: we offer a wide range – from awareness studies and user surveys to detailed online usability tests combined with LINK Cookie Tracking.

Besides the large media companies we also support smaller publishers of magazines and customer publications in particular, using print research, to establish basic reader research (duration of reading, number of pick-ups, evaluation, user structure, etc.).

Section usage studies give information on the reading behaviour, reading subjects and topics of interest for individual sections of a newspaper. We are also pleased to support you with research for the visual or editorial relaunch of your print title.

Online copy tests provide information on whether readers can recall content and ads from specific editorial content, how many of them they have read and how they rate them. Whole pages and individual articles or ads can also be shown easily to a large number of respondents online.

Surveys of subscribers and trial subscribers reveal insights into subscriber loyalty or reasons for not converting from a trial subscription. Those who cancel can also be asked about their reasons in order to avoid potential reader / user losses.

Potential analyses and price research
Do you want to introduce new products, capture new markets or adapt your prices?

Important strategic decisions are ideally based on well-founded data. Using the most up-to-date statistical processes, we evaluate new concepts and calculate the efficiency of media investments. For example, we used research to support the introduction of the online paywall for the Tages-Anzeiger for Tamedia AG. The Tages-Anzeiger obtained reliable data on opportunities and risks for the introduction of paid content, and was able to carry out market analyses for various scenarios independently using the LINK conjoint simulation tool.

The experienced LINK Analytics team assists us in calculating and simulating market models, high validity conjoint analyses for price research and product studies, segmentation of your potential users, and regression analyses (see also LINK Analytics)

Changed media usage behaviour
There are many innovations on the market and the result is that the media usage behaviour of the Swiss is changing continually.

Which medium is being used by whom and for what purpose? We design basic studies on the use of new media (smartphones, tablets, time-delayed TV, etc.) and create new insights for you, for example, with regard to time budgets for individual media channels, usage curves over the course of a day, or parallel usage (“second screen”).

What information is searched for online and offline? For a client in the field of online directories, respondents are asked to describe their information searching behaviour using specific search details (online and offline). The insights from this study help to integrate new search options into the website.

Advertising effectiveness research
We prove that advertising is effective in your medium.

Would you like to show your advertising customers that advertising works particularly well in your media channel? Using online copy tests for print media, or case studies on various campaigns on the TV, radio or Internet, you can have advertising success checked by an independent agency (see also detailed information on general advertising effectiveness research).

Which media channels work particularly well in the cross-media advertising mix? Is there a reciprocal strengthening of advertising effectiveness? For checking the success of a cross-media campaign, we recommend linking an online questionnaire with a contact opportunities calculation for individual media channels using the media plan. This positions your media channel in relation to the other media used in the advertising mix, and shows the efficiency of the campaign and any optimisation options.

In combination with LINK Cookie Tracking it is possible to obtain very detailed analyses of online advertising, as the advertising contact is measured technically and does not depend on the recall capacity of respondents (variable degree of detail, for example, different placements, formats, etc.). Online publishers can therefore check their entire inventory and give recommendations to advertising clients or adapt prices to the level of effectiveness measured.

Brand and company
Everything from a single source for our clients in the media sector.

In conjunction with LINK’s own specialists, the media research group also undertakes studies for our clients in the media sector on the awareness and image of media companies and brands, as well as customer satisfaction surveys (see also detailed information on market research and employee surveys (see also information on organisation research)).

Media usage information in the LINK Internet panel
What we already know: more than 600 variables on our panellists are already available to you for analysis.

With surveys in the LINK Internet Panel extensive profile data on the media usage of respondents are already available. This information can be used with study data and for analyses, without incurring additional survey costs.