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Test studios

Are you looking to identify the market potential for your new product? In our LINK test studios we test your latest developments and product optimisations under controlled conditions. We simulate purchasing situations with shelf tests and establish where your products are positioned and their displacement effect in a competitive environment.

Find out which packaging type is the most successful, match your products exactly to your target group’s needs and identify the packaging type with the greatest market potential.

LINK Institut offers you premium quality in controlled survey situations

  • Our interviewer team is made up of native speakers only
  • One-to-one instruction prior to each study
  • On-going support and control with on-the-spot supervisors
  • Direct quota control in the test studio
  • Our test studios are located centrally in heavily frequented pedestrian zones and are ideally equipped for all test situations with live video streaming and a shelf unit for sales simulation. We can also offer you cooking facilities on request.

    Ramona Lucia
    Leader Face-to-Face
    +41 41 367 72 01