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We de­li­ver innovation and quality

Our customers have access to a broad range of survey methods. Precision, representativeness and effectiveness are the central pillars for all phases of a research project.

  • Computer-aided telephone surveys are the backbone of our business. Such surveys enable us to reach people on the phone who are not listed in phone directories or perhaps own only a mobile phone.
  • For many projects we use the LINK Internet Panel, whose more than 115,000 (SUI) / 45,000 (GER) participants have been recruited without exception by telephone. Today this internet access panel is the largest in Switzerland. Thanks to its size, its high-standard maintenance, professional support and active telephone recruitment, it mirrors the Swiss population much more accurately than other panels.
  • LINK is also a pioneer in mobile market research with smartphones and tablets. As a partner to the academic community, we test how mixed-mode approaches – such as combined interviews via telephone and online – can be enhanced.
  • We use modern and complex statistical procedures for our analyses to ensure the insights we gain are as relevant as possible.
  • Alongside the classic methods such as group discussions and one-on-one interviews, LINK qualitative, our specialist team for psychological-qualitative methods, also utilises the potential of the web with, for example, blogs led by a moderator, online diaries and online group discussions.

We have been active in market and social research since 1981. Our experience is a guarantee for the quality of our Institute. We perform key, on-going, large-scale studies for well-known clients such as the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, WEMF AG for advertising media research, universities and leading Swiss and international companies. Our customers are highly satisfied across the board, as revealed by our surveys following the end of each individual project.