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The entire spectrum of qualitative market research

LINK qualitative AG has a wide range of services and methods at its disposal to help you answer your questions in the best possible way.

When choosing the most appropriate approach, neither the most popular nor the latest method must be the best solution: We use what is purposeful for answering your questions.


B2C & B2B

  • Basic studies
  • Brand image studies
  • Customer journeys / touchpoint analyses
  • Concept tests
  • Advertising impact: pre-/post tests
  • Usability tests
  • Development of products & services / co-creation approaches
  • Sentiment analyses
  • Communication laboratories

Within the company

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Internal communication
  • Workshops


Individual approaches

  • Individual interviews & expert interviews
  • Ethnography & netnography
  • Mystery shopping
  • Consumer connects

Group-dynamic approaches

  • Focus groups
  • Creative workshops
  • Connecting labs
  • Online blogs