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Interviews with clients at the workshops

The two client workshops were held by Dr Steffen Schmidt and Christian Rieder at our Zurich offices in January and March 2019.

  • Customer Innovation Experience Salon: on the trail of creative insights into the customer experience in the real and virtual area
  • Advanced & Predictive Analytics: the state of the art of marketing and management-orientated success factors research

The first workshop offered the opportunity to experience modern innovation research at close quarters, with neuromarketing methods such as EEG, EDA and eye tracking for mobile deployment, for example. The second workshop not only provided the background to Advanced and Predictive Analytics but also the chance to personally try out the applications directly.

Advanced and Predictive Analytics but also the chance to personally try out the applications directly.

Evelyne Schwegler-Vogel (Head of Market Insights, Emmi Management AG): “The interplay, interlocking and combinability of the various methods was put across practically and comprehensibly in this workshop.”

Kathrin Gessler (Senior Expert in Market & Customer Intelligence, Swisscom AG): “I think it’s good there was emphasis on the fact that the innovations presented bring truly added value when deployed in combination with established methodologies. Actually, this is often overlooked.”

Marcel Luschnig (Head of Market Research, Raiffeisen Switzerland): “Steffen Schmidt has a very sound, in-depth knowledge of the sector, which is useful in practice for us as client-side market researchers. This is not a sales event for software but a true market research approach that I found very convincing.”

Anna Benner (Market Researcher, Credit Suisse): “I particularly liked the visible connection to our requirements as a major bank. This was covered very well and I see plenty of potential for further cooperation.”

Client Innovation Experience and Advanced & Predictive Analytics – We regularly offer exciting insights into innovative areas of market research at LINK Institut.
If you are interested in the content presented at the workshops, please contact Dr Steffen Schmidt. The next workshops are to take place in autumn 2019. We will give you information about the planned topics in good time.

Dr. Steffen Schmidt
Senior Project Manager Analytics
+41 44 497 49 30