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Big Data Marketing Days

The fifth Big Data Marketing Days took place in Munich and Vienna in February 2019. LINK represented Switzerland this year, and attested to the great significance of advertising impact measurement in the digital marketing age. For one problem with the increasing availability of KPIs is that many companies lose sight of the truly important questions:

  • What contribution do individual online and offline measures really make to customer acquisition and brand profiling?
  • And: how does your own company perform in relation to competitors with regard to the decisive touchpoints along the customer journey?

With the help of practical examples, Stefan Reiser, Head of Market Research at LINK, showed how these questions can be answered efficiently. Put together clearly, a marketing map and the reach, conversion and expenditure for individual measures, for example, served as orientation.

Summary of the BDMD (Video in german)

Wenn Sie mehr zum Thema wissen wollen, schreiben Sie Stefan Reiser.

Stefan Reiser
Head Marketing Research