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Employee Survey

We are convinced that employees represent the greatest potential for any company
Highly committed employees create a competitive advantage, they act as advertising messengers and ensure know-how transfer as well as cross-departmental collaboration. Particularly in times marked by technological change, the fast pace of life and increasing competitive pressure, employees, with their experience and expertise, can embody a key advantage. Our experience of studies demonstrates a positive association between employee motivation/satisfaction and customer satisfaction/company success. If you succeed in increasing staff engagement, this will generally have a positive impact on work results, team spirit and willingness to change.

We are pleased to advise you from the time of the initial concept right through to the implementation of the results. The measurement of KPIs such as employee satisfaction, engagement scores, recommendation rate or staff turnover risk generally form only the starting point in our projects. The crucial factor in the success of an employee survey is the development and implementation of targeted measures in dialogue with staff. Since 2006, the LINK Institute has also been providing assistance in this respect to various customers from a wide variety of sectors – from SMEs to groups operating on an international level.
The LINK Institute systematically offers all employee survey methods from one source: regardless of whether you are planning annual tracking, a qualitative deep dive to pinpoint areas for action or a spontaneous pulse check to quickly assess employee responses to an ad-hoc issue. Employee communities also offer new opportunities – in this case, employees no longer provide their feedback at a specific point in time, instead the feedback is given systematically over a longer period, for example while a strategy is being implemented or during a process of change.

Our analyses show you which factors are currently having the greatest impact on employee satisfaction and how relevant social recognition or identification with company goals is for specific organisational units. On this basis, the LINK Institute identifies the most important levers to increase employee engagement. Even when unsupported feedback is obtained through, for example, qualitative discussions or open questions, the LINK Institute can also formulate and suggest specific areas for action.

In addition to conventional approaches to motivating employees to take part in a survey, such as prior notice in-house, explaining the goals of the survey and keeping the questionnaire short, there is now more focus on technological measures with, for example, question customisation, gamification or quick polls playing a greater role in maximising response rate.
The LINK Institute offers online dashboard solutions to distribute the results in the best possible way throughout your company. An access rights module can be used to represent the organisational structure of any company on the system. This provides different views of the total data – for example, when each employee can see their team’s results live, this significantly increases the study’s credibility, transparency and relevance. This further motivates employees to take part in the survey and enables line managers to take immediate action while the survey is ongoing.