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03/2019Web Audience Measurement

Of 10 million paid ad impressions, 5 million are proven to be ineffective. The reasons for this are varied – lack of visibility of the ad in the browser, false clicks by bots, or reaching the wrong target group – all these may affect the reach of online campaigns. Classic cookie tracking is not sufficient to identify these problems and give valid performance values for an online campaign. This is where the new “WAM – Web Audience Measurement” comes in, which Link has developed in cooperation with Meetrics, the leading company in the field of ad verification. It shows our clients whether their online advertising was visible to the target group aimed at, and also provides other campaign KPIs at a glance.
To collect the data, we combine online tracking data with the sociodemographic data of participants in the LINK Internet panel. This linking also makes it possible to include measured behaviour data in advertising effectiveness measurements, and to determine the impact of a tracked advertising campaign by surveying the panellists. WAM thus supplies our clients with campaign insights on visibility, target groups reached and advertising effectiveness. This ultimately answers the question as to whether advertising material has been applied effectively.