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Interview with Stefan Reiser

Stefan, you have been the head of market research at LINK since the beginning of this year. How have you found your first 100 days?
A great deal has happened in those 100 days. There are a number of exciting topics that we are pushing forward in parallel in market research, for instance, the development of new tools such as the predictive promoter score and enterprise feedback management solutions. And of course, there is the diversity of cooperation in a highly competent team in which I feel very much at home.
Is there anything else you especially like?
What strikes me in particular with LINK is that a great deal of attention is paid to quality at all phases and steps of a project. Also, that you can rely on an unusually good infrastructure, whether this is the online panel, the CATI laboratories, the qualitative research or the face-to-face field, which also works very successfully with difficult, sensitive target groups. Quality also very much characterises the day to day work of all employees. Ultimately, this is in keeping with the brand essence of our agency too.

What challenges is market research currently facing?
On the one hand, the issue here is innovation: in short, “use it or lose it” – and this applies to market research too. New opportunities for surveys and analysis are coming onto the market against the backdrop of technological change. The portfolio of products and services therefore has to be continuously optimised. On the other hand, it is about the positioning of our profession in the market. It is important to uphold the strengths of market research and the opportunities that our work offers: above all, how we help to improve business decisions through actionable, authentic customer feedback.

What might your customers expect in the near future?
Firstly, they can expect us to remain true to quality requirements. Our yardstick in the future too, is to offer the best possible quality on the market for data collection and deriving business insights. Secondly, there will be new solutions, new tools and new technologies. For example, with our new predictive promoter score, which is based on artificial intelligence, it is possible not only to measure the willingness of customers to recommend, but also to predict changes. This provides some direction in turbulent times.

Should you have any questions for Stefan Reiser, please send them to us at info[at]link.ch.