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The mystery shopping peak season begins

Mystery shopping plays an important part for many companies in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the organisation at offline touchpoints. The adherence of sales and service staff to discussion guidelines, and their technical competence or process reliability in this, for example, are checked by test purchasers, test callers or test vehicle owners using observation questionnaires. LINK conducts more than 600 mystery visits and calls each year for banks, insurance companies and car manufacturers, as well as in the media and telecommunications field, in all language regions of Switzerland.

The added value of this method is still huge today: for the direct customer, contact is transformed into a social oasis in a realm of anonymous digital touchpoints, which is a desirable factor for many people. However, there are of course further developments and trends in mystery shopping too: on the one hand, mini-shops, i.e. smaller samples that are designed to be qualitatively more robust and offer agile feedback. On the other hand, we are increasingly integrating direct feedback loops between mystery shoppers and “audited” respondents, in order to convey impressions and optimisation potential. Finally, market interest is growing in terms of the use of real customers, who can give a particularly authentic review following the relevant training.

Ramona Lucia
Head of Face2Face
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