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Identifying the current customer trend precisely and simply with PPS

NPS-related open text responses as they occur in many companies, are a valuable “insights asset” as the “voice of customers” and let the company know what their customers think and feel. The predictive promoter score (PPS) tool from LINK and Success Drivers which has been developed in cooperation with the text analysis platform codit.co, combine automatically coded text responses with NPS evaluations by means of artificial intelligence, and thereby generate evidence-directed customer insights for management-orientated recommendations for action. This type of automated intelligence enhancement enables management to make more precise decisions more quickly overall. Via continuous monitoring and an interactive dashboard, customer opinions that are critical to success and responses to various customer contact points can be monitored and directed with a view to assessing the vitality of the company.

Read the full article in the new 2019 yearbook from the Association for Swiss Market and Social Research on “market and social research”

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