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  • Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on research

    Make systematic use of your employees’ and managers’ knowledge to ensure your company is successfully and efficiently organised. Our organisation research tools can help you. They enable objective feedback and deliver optimisation approaches that might remain undiscovered and unutilised any other way.

  • Employee surveys

    Employee surveys necessitate that the service provider performing the survey is highly experienced in planning, communication, implementation and analysis – LINK offers this expertise. Committed and motivated staff are a key differentiating factor for your company. Increasingly, companies instigate regular staff surveys to optimise their structures and processes or actively drive the overall working atmosphere and staff satisfaction. Our approach reveals what your staff thinks of your company; it highlights the working climate, loyalty and satisfaction of your employees. So you can clearly understand the results, we provide you with points of reference in the form of benchmarks.

    Susanne Vontobel
    Head of Finance/Automotive
    +41 44 497 49 44