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  • Big Data Marketing Days

    The fifth Big Data Marketing Days took place in Munich and Vienna in February 2019. LINK represented Switzerland this year, and attested to the great significance of advertising impact measurement in the digital marketing age. For one problem with the increasing availability of KPIs is that many companies lose sight of the truly important questions:

    • What contribution do individual online and offline measures really make to customer acquisition and brand profiling?
    • And: how does your own company perform in relation to competitors with regard to the decisive touchpoints along the customer journey?

    With the help of practical examples, Stefan Reiser, Head of Market Research at LINK, showed how these questions can be answered efficiently. Put together clearly, a marketing map and the reach, conversion and expenditure for individual measures, for example, served as orientation.

    Summary of the BDMD (Video in german)

    Wenn Sie mehr zum Thema wissen wollen, schreiben Sie Stefan Reiser.

    Stefan Reiser
    Head Marketing Research

  • Interviews with clients at the workshops

    The two client workshops were held by Dr Steffen Schmidt and Christian Rieder at our Zurich offices in January and March 2019.

    • Customer Innovation Experience Salon: on the trail of creative insights into the customer experience in the real and virtual area
    • Advanced & Predictive Analytics: the state of the art of marketing and management-orientated success factors research

    The first workshop offered the opportunity to experience modern innovation research at close quarters, with neuromarketing methods such as EEG, EDA and eye tracking for mobile deployment, for example. The second workshop not only provided the background to Advanced and Predictive Analytics but also the chance to personally try out the applications directly.

    Advanced and Predictive Analytics but also the chance to personally try out the applications directly.

    Evelyne Schwegler-Vogel (Head of Market Insights, Emmi Management AG): “The interplay, interlocking and combinability of the various methods was put across practically and comprehensibly in this workshop.”

    Kathrin Gessler (Senior Expert in Market & Customer Intelligence, Swisscom AG): “I think it’s good there was emphasis on the fact that the innovations presented bring truly added value when deployed in combination with established methodologies. Actually, this is often overlooked.”

    Marcel Luschnig (Head of Market Research, Raiffeisen Switzerland): “Steffen Schmidt has a very sound, in-depth knowledge of the sector, which is useful in practice for us as client-side market researchers. This is not a sales event for software but a true market research approach that I found very convincing.”

    Anna Benner (Market Researcher, Credit Suisse): “I particularly liked the visible connection to our requirements as a major bank. This was covered very well and I see plenty of potential for further cooperation.”

    Client Innovation Experience and Advanced & Predictive Analytics – We regularly offer exciting insights into innovative areas of market research at LINK Institut.
    If you are interested in the content presented at the workshops, please contact Dr Steffen Schmidt. The next workshops are to take place in autumn 2019. We will give you information about the planned topics in good time.

    Dr. Steffen Schmidt
    Senior Project Manager Analytics
    +41 44 497 49 30
  • LINK SwissTrend phone

    LINK is not only about digital. Despite all the digitisation efforts in market and social research, it is often the verbal communication between people in many study designs that is one of the most important elements for obtaining valid and reliable results. Furthermore, the personal approach in the field of customer satisfaction, for example, enables the highest exhaustion rates. It thereby reduces the danger of risky biases due to the under-representation of more critical customers with an inherently lower willingness to participate in online surveys.

    LINK is the only agency in Switzerland to run CATI research centres in all language regions of Switzerland, and has a workforce of more than 300 and over 500 interviewers. We achieve maximum coverage of the population in this way. We have therefore extended our range of omnibus surveys. The LINK SwissTrend phone is now carried out weekly by telephone with 500 residents in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland, and with an option for Ticino too. This is conducted among a sample that is representative of the population, in order to obtain insights quickly and cost-effectively. As with our LINK SwissTrend online omnibus, we have also optimised the timing and we are able to deliver results within just 8 days.

    Dietmar Zentner
    Head of Research Operations
    +41 41 367 74 60
  • Question of the month

    Travel plans for 2019: to which country / countries are you travelling?

    Would you like to know what percentage of the Swiss fly to Greenland?

    On our Tableau-Dashboard you will find further insights into the survey results.

  • Have a heart for the beaver

    Allow us to introduce Linkoln the beaver. Linkoln comes from the pen of Wolfram, a creative LINK supervisor. Wolfram was inspired to develop Linkoln as a result of a statement made by a valued client at the Town Hall Meeting. Asked which animal he would associate with LINK, he said with a laugh, “it would have to be a beaver”.

    We like the beaver. Last month, we therefore supported the current “Beaver & Co. campaign” by Pro Natura with a donation of CHF 500.

    If you would also like to experience Beaver & Co live, send us an e-mail with your name and address. All senders will be entered into a prize draw for two family admissions to Sihlwald nature park – a true beaver paradise. Closing date for entries: 03/05/2019


  • LINK on the road with lots of horsepower

    The 89th International Motor Show took place in Geneva from 7 to 17 March 2019. With an influx of around 600,000 people over the entire duration of the trade fair, the LINK Institut surveyed visitors to stands about their requirements and opinions with regard to the high performance models, and this was carried out in the form of personal interviews. The respondents were interviewed via tablets in the midst of the 900 vehicles on display. We have been conducting feedback surveys at trade fairs and events of different sizes for many years, deploying our experienced network of around 450 face-to-face interviewers. We would be pleased to advise you in respect of your individual on-site customer survey too.

    Ramona Lucia
    Leader Face-to-Face
    +41 41 367 72 01
  • Welcome!

    We welcome the new employees at LINK.

    Daniela Sutter
    Online Fieldwork Manager

    Samuel Ackermann
    Specialist in IT-Support

    Alexa Bezel
    Corporate Development & Assistant to the Executive Board

    Jürgen Brauner
    Head of Data Processing

    Anela Haskovic
    Project manager in the West & consumer Goods / Retail market segment

    Dr. Verena Mack
    Project manager in the East & Financial Services market segment

    Semia Braun
    Project manager in the West & consumer Goods / Retail market segment

    Susanne Walcher
    Specialist in Accounting and Finance

    Sabrina Blättler
    Reporting Manager