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  • Representative face-to-face surveys

    Face to Face
    Personal Interviews
    Some issues and projects can only be approached using face-to-face interviews. For instance, local surveys or studies in which the immediate impression is decisive.
    For such interviews, LINK has a highly qualified interviewing team with more than 300 interviewers throughout Switzerland. All interviewers are personally recruited and have undergone a multi-level training process, guaranteeing maximum data quality and efficient handling of your project.

  • Tablet surveys at POS or POE

    Interviewing POS customers and people on the street with tablets
    Thanks to the simplicity of apps and the reliability of tablets, we can conduct any form of survey. The collected data are transmitted live to the LINK database and are available for you as the client in our online analysis tool at all times.

    Ramona Lucia
    Leader Face-to-Face
    +41 41 367 72 01