When vying for a target group’s attention with a limited advertising budget, it is important for media and advertising agencies to generate added value for customers as well as to provide evidence of their ability to do so. The success of a campaign not only depends on achieving the required level of awareness and impact. The allocation of advertising budgets to various advertising media must also guarantee that as much of the right target group as possible is reached at the right time.

We offer various solutions to demonstrate this. For example, we use advertising pre- or post-tests, including in combination with implicit measuring methods, to generate important insights into the impact of the created advert. Baseline, follow-up and impact measurements can analyse and demonstrate effects on target figures such as awareness, image or purchase intention. These studies can also examine if and to what extent the target group has been reached. Furthermore, performance over time and advertising impact can be measured and demonstrated by integrating advertising impact measurement elements into brand tracking. We would be delighted to support you and your customers in this process as a neutral research and analysis partner.

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