As well as bringing technological challenges, digitalisation introduces new players into the financial sector, who challenge established players with new ways of providing services. In addition to topics such as blockchain, robotics, crowdfunding and cyber security, financial institutions are also confronted with tighter regulation, high capital and liquidity requirements, the end of bank secrecy and negative interest as well as a strong Swiss franc. LINK helps to provide guidance and recognise opportunities in this environment.

Besides increased requirements for services and customised products, trust is and remains the key factor for successful business development in the financial market. This applies to the retail segment as well as to private wealth management, to business clients as well as to institutional clients.

In this context, we offer a comprehensive range of market research services (from monitoring to conventional qualitative and quantitative approaches, mixed-mode settings and instrument-based methods) and have validated explicit and implicit instruments to deliver relevant business insights. We cover international projects in the financial sector through our network. We have the largest HNWI panel in Switzerland and have access to around 50,000 company decision-makers in our address pool of contacts.

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