The fast-paced FMCG market is constantly faced with new challenges which change from week to week. Goods are often bought by consumers impulsively or out of habit without a long decision-making process, and shelves repeatedly put our buying decisions to the test with new (own) brands and products.

New consumer demands exert and increase pressure on the industry to innovate – for example in the fields of product design, packaging and labelling, pricing and marketing. Furthermore, it’s a very long time since competition has been purely offline on the shelves – digital distribution and marketing channels are always posing new challenges to suppliers.

In this dynamic environment, insights into trends, decision-making processes, needs and how you perform compared to the competition are absolutely vital. LINK is by your side every step of the way – from determining demand and testing concepts and ideas through to packaging and labelling, brand and image analyses, testing product use and relative performance in the competitive environment.

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