Comparison sites, online shops, information platforms – all suppliers in these areas are driven by the challenge of making their target group fully aware of them and as keen to use their products as possible. Businesses can choose from a wide range of levers to boost their market position. Examples include UX design, advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness, SEO/SEA, diversification of products/services, AI-based pricing and offer strategies as well as marketing partnerships and sponsorships. As financial and human resources are generally insufficient to pursue all measures in parallel, there is a need for insights-based decisions.In this context, we help companies to optimise their market performance and to gain a better understanding of the customer journey (using a combination of online and offline methods). We also measure whether and to what extent advertising campaigns reach target groups, measure levels of customer satisfaction in comparison with the competition, determine how the user experience of websites and shops can be improved and assess levels of motivation in employees and offshore and nearshore teams.

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