Property is often referred to as wealth in the form of bricks and mortar However, without efficient and sustainable property management, holding wealth in the form of bricks and mortar can quickly prove to be very risky. It is therefore increasingly important to keep tenants happy so that they extend their leases, thereby reducing management costs.

At the same time, institutional owners – banks, pension funds, insurance companies – must quickly manage tighter investment budgets to meet their needs.

We have helped to design and develop the Swiss industry solution for effective tenant feedback management for property owners and managers. We manage its operation and would be happy to present it to you if required. Here are some of the options offered by this platform:

  • implementation of tenant satisfaction surveys,
  • analysis of the resulting feedback on a clear dashboard accessible to property owners and managers,
  • overview of the tenants’ assessment of the property manager, apartment and housing conditions,
  • comparison of your performance with the market average,
  • opportunity to respond directly to deanonymised feedback and
  • definition of maintenance and investment measures and chance for the owner and manager to reflect on these measures.

Customised surveys and analyses are, of course, also available. Our range of services offers you every possible opportunity to obtain feedback from private and commercial tenants at all relevant touchpoints.

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