Digitalization offers the opportunity to complete market research projects in less than a third of the original time, to use multivariate methods and online/mobile qualitative research, and save costs at the same time. Our solution for this is Agile Research Partnerships in which we strengthen the role of market research on a cross-project basis in collaboration with our customers.

Agile Research Partnerships are based on three pillars:

  1. A dedicated team (at least two people) from LINK looks after your projects across multiple studies and therefore knows your requirements down to the last detail – this team takes on all the project steps from the first study draft to the results analysis.
  2. An online panel specially recruited for you is prescreened to fit your requirements (e.g. customer type, frequency of product purchase/use, demography) and is available for ad hoc and continual questions.
  3. Via state-of-the-art software solutions, your team works online together with our project team, can view results and projects, create analyses, and call up data at any time.

Through the right combination of researcher, software and target group access, you take your insights to the next level.

“The conditions for typical project scopes are determined on the basis of a rate card – that enables additional projects to be commissioned just-in-time on demand. Once a project has been started, you can view the progress of questionnaire development at any time on the software portals and comment, follow the development of results data in real time, and derive insights. Clear online reporting and exported tables and charts, as required, set the course for the presentation of the results receiving a positive response in the customer’s own company.

“Too slow, reports are too boring, too inflexible, too expensive” – these and other arguments against market research will disappear once you have switched to this solution.”

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Stefan Reiser

Managing Director
Marketing Research