Are you a polling expert who is looking for a specialist to assist you with the phone interviewing phase of your work? If so, you have to look no farther than LINK, the largest CATI polling institute in Switzerland!

A total of 300 telephone stations, more than 500 native speakers throughout the entire country who have received the best-possible interview training and continuous field support and supervision guarantee that you will receive the highest level of survey quality at the best-possible price – just see for yourself.

As a specialist for statistically representative surveys, we will provide you with attractive, cost-effective ways that will enable you to continue to conduct representative surveys with individuals who do not have landline phones and who can be reached only on their cell phones – check with us!

We will always provide you with the highest level of CATI survey quality, no matter whether you ask us to directly integrate pre-programmed questionnaires via interfaces into our polling system or to reprogram your written questionnaire input with our own polling software.

As a long-time surveying partner of the most exacting customers (i.e., a range of government statistical agencies and universities), we know just how important the right sampling frame, the correct sampling and the proper processing are. LINK has both the expert know-how and the necessary instruments (including an optimized address and sampling management system and a representative CATI pool) to ensure that representative CATI surveys can continue to be conducted.

The LINK CATI pool is – in addition to the register-based process – the only Switzerland-wide sampling frame that can be used to reach individuals who do not have a landline and who can be reached only on their cell phones (98% coverage of Switzerland’s resident population). The LINK CATI pool currently includes approximately 550`000 members who have been actively recruited since 2019 using only random digit dialing of mobile numbers (RDD Mobile).

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Susanne Graf

Director Social Research