Does this sound familiar? The analyses from the collected data suddenly provide completely different insights from what you were actually expecting – have you ever doubted the correctness of the data collection, errors in the sample or in the method itself, and was this doubt finally dispelled? Only with complete transparency, documentation and verifiable authenticity of the interviewed target persons can unexpected data bases be confirmed as valid and used as a valuable decision-making aid.

Our passion for quality and strict adherence to quality standards ensures our position as quality leader

By means of a clear, unambiguous and comprehensible survey, we provide you with data that we can guarantee without a doubt has been through multiple cycles of quality assurance. We adhere strictly to the standard specifications of ISO 9001:2015 (quality management systems) and ISO 20252:2018 (market and opinion research) in order to place your research projects on a safe and solid footing. In combination with the corresponding trained knowledge, the passion for quality of our employees in all areas and DataScience-supported QA methods, we thus ensure 100% quality.

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