Voters and the elected officials who represent them bear the ultimate responsibility for setting political priorities. Obviously, decisions made about such issues as erecting a school, redesigning a park or building additional housing depend on the size of a municipality’s budget. But decisions about how this budget is allocated should always be based on the benefits that such investments will provide to residents. Representative surveys of residents serve as an important guidepost that helps municipal leaders make funding decisions.

The completely redesigned Municipality Check enables the attractiveness of a community to be determined on the basis of 43 community features. It is organized according to the base functions of the HAM2 accounting model used by Swiss cantons and municipalities and facilitates the optimal application of the available budget as a result. We were assisted in revision work by Prof. Dr. Ursin Fetz and Raphael Wälter of the Center of Public Management at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, both of whom servedf as academic partners.

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In particular in public debates, it is frequently hard to maintain an overview and correctly weigh boisterous individual voices against the views of the frequently silent majority: When do such voices simply represent «outliers»? And which views are uttered «more quietly» and represent those of all residents? Surveys of the citizenry provide a broad snapshot of residents’ mood and a singular foundation for decisions regarding needs-driven enhancements to your community. You will receive data that you can count on as a result of the highest standards we apply in our work.

How does your municipality compare with other communities? Our unique Swiss-wide benchmark will enable you to place your results in a greater context and help you correctly position your municipality. The most recent benchmark survey was conducted among more than 6,000 respondents from May 2021 to June 2022.

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Profit from unique comparative figures! This information will enable you to develop specific recommended actions and to more quickly prioritize relevant actions. Municipalities that have successfully worked with LINK for years can vouch for the value of this research.


Franco Mazzi
Mayor of Rheinfelden

We received objective information about the mood of our residents. The entire process was uncomplicated, fast and productive. We use the compact list of results as a reliable management tool to assist our planning and priority setting.


René Sacher
Deputy City
Manager of Möhlin

We chose LINK because it is an international market research institute that has broad experience in the area of population surveys. We were well advised throughout the entire process, and the deadlines set for individual steps were always met.

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