Knowing exactly what moves the residents of a municipality is a basic prerequisite for good local politics. A valid database based on representative population surveys is still the most important instrument for this purpose, but has been expensive and time-consuming to implement. With the LINK Municipality Check, the classic population survey is therefore breaking new ground. Via the platform, municipalities can ask their residents about topical issues – a kind of pulse monitor for their daily work. Thanks to this innovative digital approach, you can obtain reliable figures quickly and affordably as a basis for decisions on the future development of your municipality.

What do your residents consider to be particularly positive and where do they feel the pinch?

Find out how happy people are living in your municipality and how satisfied they are with public services and past developments. It is often difficult, especially in public debates, to maintain an overview and to correctly gauge loud individual voices against the opinion of the silent majority: When does this concern “exclusive opinions”? And which views are expressed “more quietly”, but which correspond to those of all residents? Surveys of the population provide a well-rounded picture of the mood and a unique decision-making basis for the needs-based further development of your municipality.

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