When designing a new product you naturally put the target group in the foreground. You think intensively about what the users’ wishes are and then design your new product. Unfortunately, you aren’t always able to correctly assess the wishes of the target group. Perhaps your product is missing certain functions or they are not intuitively understandable. You usually notice this too late, meaning you lose a lot of time. You have to adapt and optimise your product or concept afterwards. You can identify and solve such problems in advance and during the design process if you involve your customers directly in the development process.

Testing product concepts quickly and reliably

Would you like to have a product concept tested by a relevant target group or would you like to check the perception of a new product again before its market launch? With the Produkt-Konzept-Test  you can independently upload information and stimuli relating to the product to be tested and define the target group of relevance to you with just a few clicks. You will receive the results within a few days. All this with an actively recruited panel and with our proven LINK methodology. Use your target group to quickly gain high-quality insights even during product development.

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