Despite ongoing digitalisation, there are some questions which can only be answered reliably through verbal communication between people. The LINK SwissTrend phone offers you a weekly opportunity to find out what the Swiss population thinks about your questions quickly and cost-effectively with telephone interviews.

The personal approach enables the highest possible exploitation rates and thus reduces, for example in the area of customer satisfaction, the risk of dangerous distortions caused by underestimating somewhat more critical customers with a naturally lower willingness to participate in online surveys.

With the LINK SwissTrend phone, 500 telephone interviews (CATI) per week are held in German and French-speaking Switzerland and optionally in Ticino. The sample basis is a 100% mobile RDD (Random Digit Dialling) sample in order to reach not only people with a registered landline number but also people without a registered landline number as well as the increasing number of mobile-only households. Thanks to the high degree of exhaustiveness and representativeness, we guarantee you the highest data quality and thus reliable bases for making decisions.

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