Most companies today serve a fragmented market via many different touchpoints and therefore conduct numerous customer interviews to obtain feedback. At the same time, a large part of the qualitative customer feedback is demonstrably wasted, among other things because open responses are time-consuming to process. LINK’s own Predictive Promoter Score (PPS) was developed to create a flexible and effective control instrument with real added value on the basis of just two questions and machine learning technologies. All that is needed is the NPS™ or another KPI query and an open justification of the submitted rating. On this basis, we use the PPS to determine the success drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty in your company.

Learning more from customer feedback with the power of artificial intelligence

A state-of-the-art and qualitatively convincing NLP solution is used to encode open customer feedback including sentiment analysis – the subsequent driver analysis based on neural networks determines, among other things, the hidden drivers of customer satisfaction. All results are summarised in a dashboard – and a prediction tool makes it possible to simulate how the customer rating will develop in the future depending on changes in performance. This provides an ideal basis for better understanding customers and deriving the right measures.

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