The budgets for advertising on digital channels are growing steadily. But out of 10 million paid ad impressions, 5 million are demonstrably ineffective. There are many reasons for this – the lack of visibility of the advertising in the browser, fraud by bots (so-called ad fraud) or failure to reach the target group can limit the efficiency of the online campaign. Traditional cookie tracking is not sufficient to identify these problems and deliver valid performance data of an online campaign. This is where our “WAM–Web Audience Measurement” comes in, which LINK offers in cooperation with Meetrics, a leading company in the field of ad verification. It shows our customers whether their online advertising has reached the intended target group and provides further campaign KPIs at a glance.

Better insights by combining online campaign tracking and the LINK Internet Panel

By means of online campaign tracking, not only the playout but also the visibility of the advertising media is measured. By linking this data with the socio-demographic information of the participants in the LINK Internet panel, it is possible to find out how well the campaign reached the target group in which rankings. In addition, these data allow advertising impact measurements – surveys can be used to determine the brand impact of a measured advertising campaign of the panellists.

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