Market research in the context of advertising effectiveness research is always an investment that pays off several times over through targeted adjustment of the advertising. It shows whether the advertising is perceived and whether you are reaching the desired target group with your communication. It determines whether your message is understood and how it is received by the target group. And it shows whether your communication influences KPIs such as image, consideration or sales. But well-designed market research also shows how you can optimise your advertising: Which communication channels are effective and which are not, which message elements are rejected, which subjects are best received, how many advertisements are necessary and at what point further advertisements no longer pay off.

Ensuring the success of your advertising for the long term

At LINK, advertising effectiveness research is always individually tailored to the objectives and framework conditions of your communication. The means to be used differ depending on, among other things, whether a rebranding is to be examined, whether the target group assessment is required in the context of a pitch for the choice of subjects, or whether the focus is on the efficiency of the advertising placements. The study designs to be used range from a simple zero/follow-up measurement to complex impact measurements including the use of tools such as implicit measurement, trade-off procedures, sentiment analyses, facial coding, eye tracking or EEG.

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