In times of digital transformation and agile development processes, companies often need valid insights within a few days and in iterative stages as the basis for making decisions on what action to take. We achieve this goal for our customers through the use of agile market research solutions.

The following solutions are used depending on the customer needs:

  • Using individually tailored project solutions and agile market research software, our Agile Insights Team provides customers more quickly with the insights needed to drive projects forward.
  • Our continuously running surveys SwissTrend Online and SwissTrend Phone allow large, representative samples to be produced in Switzerland within a few days.
  • Our tools, such as the LINK Product Concept Test or the Predictive Promoter Score, offer problem solutions within a few hours in specific application areas – and to the highest scientific standards.

We always combine agile market research approaches with sound method knowledge, since agile does not mean “quick & dirty.”

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Dr. Julia Asseburg

Agile Insights & Advanced Analytics