Especially when the media report intensively on a topic that is relevant to you, it is often not easy to maintain an overview. Which aspects of the topic dominate the discussion in the media? What is evaluated in the media rather negatively and what is evaluated rather positively? And what is the tone with which the subject matter is generally reported on? We answer these and similar questions for you by means of our quantitative or qualitative content analysis of the TV, radio, print or online reporting you have selected.

Analysis tailored to your needs

Tell us which aspects of media coverage you would like to know more about. Be it a presentation trend, context or core topics – we develop an analytical instrument (codebook) tailored to the knowledge you are interested in. On the basis of this, our intensively trained coders examine the media coverage you have selected. The results of the analysis are available in dashboard or report form.

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Dr. Sonja Glaab-Seuken

Media Research