Today’s customers place very high demands on companies, institutions and brands at all contact points. Seamless support via all offline and online touchpoints of the customer journey as well as customer-specific approaches and offers are increasingly becoming standard. According to relevant studies, the customer experience is the most important influencing factor for high customer loyalty, even ahead of the product or service and ahead of the price. In order to understand it, you have to see the world through the eyes of the customer. We support companies and institutions in this process by providing insights into customer experiences through qualitative and quantitative surveys and data analyses, and deriving measures from these.

From individual analyses to a holistic, continuous perspective

Although customer experience management is already recognised as important in many institutions and implemented institutionally, it is usually not possible to optimise the customer experience in the long term. As our experience shows, this requires a shift from selective and touchpoint-related individual observations of the customer experience to a holistic and continuous overall analysis. This is the only way for companies to understand interactions between different points of contact and to adapt to dynamically changing customer requirements. In the area of CX Management, we support you in brainstorming, conceiving, designing, networking, evaluating and controlling your customer contact points along the customer journey.

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Marianne Altgeld

Head of Retail & FMCG Research