Customer Journey Analyses: Understanding the path of your customers

Your potential customers come into contact with your company in many different ways. Various online and offline touchpoints line the path that leads take on their journey to becoming a customer. The overall experience of your company or product is influenced at each of these contact points. Example questions, which we answer on the basis of customer journey analyses, are:

  • Which touchpoints are relevant for which customer target group?
  • How do you perform in your company at these contact points – what are the Delighter and Pain Points from the customer’s point of view?
  • What role do different online and offline contact points play in the overall customer experience?

Based on our analyses, fields of action, strategies and operative measures can be derived. A graphical representation of the customer journey, i.e. a customer journey map, also enables you to trace your customers’ journey from the initial contact to the long-term relationship with your company.

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Brigitte Rush-Gleissner

Head of Qualitative Research