Many companies have already set up their own customer panel via newsletters, marketing activities such as competitions or direct contact, but run into difficulty continually maintaining and incentivizing them, protecting data, asking follow-up questions or implementing engaging survey projects. If panelists have negative experiences with the project, they will quickly become inactive and time and effort will be needed to recruit a replacement.

And if panels have been set up based solely on customer addresses, they will always remain limited to the same customer base. For example, this makes it impossible to gain insight into whether offering new products or additional services or using advertising campaigns will attract new customers.

Professional panel management allows you to stay in constant contact with your customers and non-customers.

For this purpose, we offer professional solutions: We recruit a customer panel tailored to your particular requirements, manage and administer it and take care of data protection and data security. With that, your customer panel is a valuable, long-term instrument you can use to stay in continuous dialogue with your customers. We will conduct continuous and ad hoc studies of the panel for you as needed. We do so using all common methods, such as online and mobile surveys, communities, chats, blogs and interviews.

Via the LINK Internet Panel, we also offer the opportunity to enrich your surveys in a customer panel of non-customers. This allows you to get a bigger picture perspective and gain insights representative of the market.

With your own panel, you have the opportunity to take into account the voices of your customers in the decision-making process.

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