Even if the entire business world is talking about customer centricity, i.e. managing the company from the customer’s perspective, very few institutions really understand what their target groups are, what makes them tick and how they change. Who do you want to reach with which products and messages at which customer contact points? How do your customers behave at the PoS? What do you need to do to increase your market share with Generation Y and Z? If you cannot answer such questions accurately and for all target groups, you need to get to know your customers better. A deep insight into the attitudes and behaviour of your target groups can help you understand their information behaviour, habits, life circumstances as well as product use and product purchase motives.

Market research in the most realistic environment possible leads to customer understanding

We analyse the behaviour of your customers using existing and newly collected data, from which we abstract valuable insights for your business. In order to better understand your target groups, the right research method must be chosen based on your research question:

  • You would like to know how customers use your product at home – we can determine this on site (in-home).
  • You are interested in understanding how your target group informs itself online about your institution and services – we accompany your customers and non-customers online during the search and purchase process.
  • Your customers should be divided into different types that you want to address specific to the segment – we set up qualitative and quantitative segmentation studies for you.

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