Scientific studies prove: employees who identify with the goals of their company are more likely to act in its interests. They are more productive, committed and more often look beyond their immediate field of activity. This is why “Employee Engagement” improves not only individual but also overall corporate performance. A professional analysis of employee satisfaction is therefore an essential management tool for every company.

We help you to understand your drivers of employee satisfaction

Our experience has shown the importance of having an independent and neutral organization conduct employee surveys. It has also taught us that the causal analytical area plays a decisive role. This is because even when it’s clear an employee is satisfied it can be difficult to identify what is driving that satisfaction. We use one-on-one interviews and group discussions to gather quality qualitative data. At LINK, these sessions are conducted exclusively by qualitative moderators with the necessary psychological experience. They create an atmosphere of trust, ensure employee anonymity, and deeply explore the factors behind employee satisfaction.

For quantitative employee surveys, we conduct modern driver analyses to determine causal relationships. This approach allows us to obtain significantly better explanatory quality than conventional methods such as correlation or linear regression analyses. This means that we also take indirect and non-linear correlations into account – so the results better explain what really motivates your employees.

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Marianne Altgeld

Head of Retail & FMCG Research