Employee Satisfaction/ eNPS™: Capturing the mood in the company

When companies carry out a quantitative employee satisfaction analysis, there are often three sub-goals in analogy to customer satisfaction research :

  1. KPIs such as
    the eNPS should be used to measure the current level of employee satisfaction.
  2. Repetitive studies should be used to determine the changes in these KPIs.
  3. Causal analyses should reveal the drivers of employee satisfaction.

Regardless of the scope, survey method, language or region, our specialists will implement employee satisfaction surveys for you from A to Z. We are happy to advise you from initial idea to implementation of the results. The measurement of KPIs such as employee satisfaction, engagement scores, referral rate or fluctuation risk is usually only a starting point in our projects. The key to success is the derivation and implementation of targeted measures in dialogue with the workforce. Through our analyses, you can find out which factors currently have the greatest influence on employee satisfaction, how relevant, for example, social recognition or identification with the corporate goals are for specific organisational units. On this basis, we identify the most important levers for increasing employee engagement.

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