CX Management Systems: Controlling the company from the customer’s perspective

Not allowing your customers to give their opinion about products or the company if bad enough.
However, letting customers give their feedback but failing to process it is even worse.

If customer feedback is really to play an active role in managing your business then CX Management systems are a sensible solution.
Based on feedback surveys, they offer three main advantages:

  1. They map the entire customer feedback from all sub-surveys centrally, clearly and live in a dashboard.
  2. Employees of the institution are given the opportunity to view the current customer feedback of relevance to them live (e.g. “Sales Team North” can see the results of the customers from your sales region compared to all customers, but not the other sales regions in detail; or the “Customer Service Team” can only see the customer criticisms freely given via its hotline)
  3. Individual software enhancements ensure active use of customer feedback (e.g. via action management tools, automated e-mail alerts when critical customer feedback is received, reminders for processing customer feedback, automated feedback to customers for processing their impulses) – these solutions can also be connected to other systems via API interfaces (e.g. to CRM databases, case management systems and BI solutions).

LINK offers support in the design, development and operation of CX Management solutions – for every organisation, regardless of size, complexity, region, industry or software used.
For the implementation of our solutions, our in-house team of specialists (from the areas of CX, Analytics, DP, IT) uses state-of-the-art software solutions and brings with it extensive project experience from a wide range of industries.

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