Innovative approaches: Employee research with a difference

In addition to the classic approaches in the area of employee research, we take new conceptual and methodological approaches to maximise the benefit of our studies. An increasingly important aspect is the maximisation of response rates: In addition to traditional approaches to motivate employees to participate in a survey, such as internal announcements or explaining the survey’s objectives and keeping the questionnaire short, we are increasingly using technological measures. The individualisation of questions, the integration of game-typical elements (gamification) or the implementation of Quick Polls can make an important contribution to maximising the response rate.

In order to be able to distribute the results throughout the organisation in the best way possible, we use online dashboard solutions. With the help of our user management module, the organisational structure of any company can be mapped by the system. This enables different views of the overall data – for example, allowing each employee to view the results of his or her team live significantly increases the credibility, transparency and relevance of the study. This in turn promotes employee motivation to participate in the survey and enables managers to implement immediate measures during the survey period.

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