Identifying and reacting to trends early on

From understanding the needs of your target groups to evaluating concepts, ideas and packaging to determining product use and buying behaviour: LINK Qualitative supports you with consumer goods of every kind.

Identifying, understanding and using market signals

LINK Qualitative offers you in-depth insights into your current and potential target audiences, customer journeys, competitive positioning, concept viability, the impact of your in-store and online presence, as well as your product range and pricing strategy.

Success through consumer centricity and trust

Whether it's conducting research with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), usability testing of financial platforms and online services, or conducting comprehensive analyses of your target audience's financial behaviours, LINK Qualitative empowers you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and how they engage with your products and services.

Reducing complexity through exploration and discourse

Drawing from various B2B fields like commodity trading and mining, production and logistics, IT, mechanical and plant engineering, engineering and construction, our industry experts create a deeper understanding of your key stakeholders.

Emotions behind luxury goods

We offer business-critical insights to assist luxury brands whether it is customer satisfaction, customer needs & expectations, or brand image. This enables informed decision-making in areas of innovation, design, marketing, sales, or after-sales - both within Switzerland and on a global scale.

Growth through customer-centricity

With our industry expertise, we excel in healthcare market research, be it in advertising, product development or market analysis, we conduct our studies internationally or nationwide with pharmacists, nurses, doctors, current or former patients and consumers.

Understanding mobility needs and trends better

We support transport companies on the path to the future of mobility. With this in mind, we conduct guest surveys, test and develop prototypes of products and services and help to shape the customer journey based on various needs.

Support for branding, strategy and campaign design

We offer a range of solutions to achieve the desired attention and reach. For example, we use focus groups and advertising pre- and post-tests to enhance concepts to generate important insights into the impact of the advertising campaign.

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Brigitte Rush-Gleissner

Head of Qualitative Research