Why we want you to join in:

  • We want to understand how you think and what interests you
  • We want to discover different aspects and opinions that are waiting to be uncovered
  • We ask "Why": Why is something liked or disliked?
  • We want to hear your views and needs so that our customers know which brands, products and services they can develop

Which studies do we conduct?

For us there are no wrong answers. We are interested in your honest and personal opinion and want to know how you think. Depending on the research goal, different methods are conducive for doing this, including (online) one-on-one interviews in which we discuss individual topics with you in detail. Other options include invitations to talk about more general topics in a small group of people (group discussion) or participating in an online blog in which you can solve and work on different tasks. Or we can also accompany you as you make your purchase so that we get a better understanding of your buying behaviour. These are some of the topics from our latest studies:

  • How user friendly is a new website?
  • What wishes and needs do you have with respect to your employer?
  • Which store concept do you like best?

How do we treat your data?

  • We do not sell you anything and you will not receive any offers or advertisements
  • Your data will be handled in strict confidence and will not be passed on to third parties
  • Only a limited number of employees have access to your data
  • Your data will be evaluated anonymously

Your benefits:

  • Payment of CHF 80 – 150 per participation, depending on the time required
  • Exclusive opportunity for you to give your opinion on new products or campaigns, for example, and to help shape their launch
  • It won’t get boring – there are different ways to take part in market research studies:
    • By means of a pre-arranged time, during face-to-face or online group discussions or interviews
    • As a member of an online community
    • By receiving products to test

How do I join in?